Fiction by Matt Lewis




Born to be nobody.

Destined to be king.

Doomed to be a villain.

What matters?

Loyalty matters.

Loyalty Binds Me.


Artist Hans Holbein is summoned to the house of Sir Thomas More to receive the commission of a lifetime. He will leave with a secret that could cost him his life. He will learn the truth about the life of King Richard III, the man that the Tudor dynasty has been at great pains to villify. From his return from exile with his brother, King Edward IV, to his rise to become the king's most loyal, most trusted and most powerful subject. From his flourishing personal life to his seizure of the throne from his nephew. This unfashionable truth is as nothing compared to the reason for hiding it. Hans Holbein is about to be asked to hide England's greatest secret. A secret that could tear apart the fragile Tudor regime.


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When Hans Holbein returns to London in search of royal patronage a secret from his past will define his future in a new, terrifying way.


The story that he knows did not end at Bosworth. In the aftermath, Henry Tudor must try to secure his dynasty against unending, unseen threats.


From the ashes of all that they knew, those who cannot accept King Henry’s rule must find a place in the new world being forced upon them.


Francis, Lord Lovell has survived the battle.


Now he must survive the peace.


He must protect King Richard III’s greatest secret or doom England to more years of bitter conflict.


Who does the truth belong to?


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